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What We Do

Learn more about our team and our company culture, polices and manufacturing process. Our about us page has all the information you need to make you feel comfortable on your new purchase, we are 100% transparent and we want you to know that you are in good hands.  Our company does more then just create industry leading led displays, we focus on after sales support and local customer service.


We invented a unique design of realestate window displays and retail led window displays,  that drive sales and make your shop front window stand out for potential clients. It helps drive profits by acting as a 24hr round the clock sales person.


Vision DP has always had the same mission to design, create and build industry leading LED display products for the real estate and retail industries. Since our companies start in 2001 we have achieved this goal with over 10,000+ visual displays in the market.

Check out our full client history and industry achievements on our about us page below.

Displays & Systems

“WHAT Our clients say”

“Our team needed a quick solution for display window in our new shop front. We found Vision dp online and purchased the product. It  has been installed now for 2years and we are very happy with the led displays.”

Jane Harrignton

“An amazing product, we are extremely happy with our purchase. Vision dp helped us work out how many screens we needed and fittings everything has been really and we would highly recommend them “

Steve Waller

” We where recommended to vision dp by another Elders agency. We upgraded to LED displays . We where not disappointed they looked amazing in the windows. What a difference, we highly recommend them. “

Jordan Wayne


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Office Hours

Mon-Fri: 9am – 5pm
Sat-Sun: Closed For Call Back Phone Support


LED backlit paper save thousands
The 24hr salesman, LED Displays that last.
New LED technologies create the game changer
How many hours can you get out of one your system