Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

Do you offer warranty

Yes the best. Vision is the only company whom offers 3years standard and up to 10 years on request. Our cable fittings offer life time warranty.

Whats the brightness of your LED displays

The brightness available right now is 7000Lum.  LED manufacturers themselves say average LED will last up to 50,000hrs. Don’t believe ones whom say more ie    80-100k etc as Science has achieved that amount yet.

Do you offer installation ?

Depending on your location, however its very easy install and to save you heaps we designed it that any handy man can do it, plus we offer full instructions. 

Do you offer backlit paper?

Yes, we are the only company whom offer one paper for all printers which gives incredible detail images. Please note the better printer the better quality image.

How do you compare to other companies?

Check others warranties will give you some idea, weight of the product, type of plastic, new or recycled, see how long they have been around, are they an agent or manufacturer . We stand by our amazing product, that’s why we can offer up to 10years, our cable fittings are lifetime and have been since 2001. Our LED system weight is more or less twice the weight of others. We also use new acrylic material and we been around over 20years in Australian.

How do you compare to Vitrine media?

Good product very similar to Vision, not as flexible, less warranty but very expensive compared to Vision. 

Vitrine Media meaning “Window Display” in French

The French company Vitrine Media LED system was originally invented by a Chinese company in Shenzhen whom are still operating and selling the same product today at a fraction of the cost. With our own operations in China, we personally have known them for a long time.

Vitrine Media is funded by Ciclad and awarded 15Mill Euros. 

Vitrine media have a good LED product, made in China. It has agents and subsidiaries around the world inc Australia whom hold there own ABN due to law, but still under control of the parent company hence their name, website and product, called Vitrine Media.

 Question is, were do the profits go ? France or Australia?

What about packing and Delivery?

All items are pack in a box within a box and another box so you can be assured they are protected the best they can be. Delivery is normally sent the same day by our local couier or of your choice with or without insrance. Tracking is provided so you can folow the shipment.

I received damaged goods

This is extremely rare due to the packing we provide, however once they in transit by local couriers we are out of control if they turn up damaged.  Any item will be replaced free of charge regardless of the situation. We want you to be happy withy our service. 

What about the Electric Power Supply

All our power suppliers are Australian approved and made by the worlds famous MeanWell transformers which can be purchased within Australia and come standard with a 3 year warenty.

About Our Services


Australian Designed Company and profits stay in Australia.

Goods shipped same day service.



Max lum 7000 if required

Samsung LED

50,000hr life expectency 

New Acrylic weighing at 

Full adjustable

Landscape or Portriat 


MeanWell transformers, best in the market and sold here in Australia with 3 year warranty.


If local we can arrnage installation.

Very easy to install for any Handy man with basic tools required.

We offer installtion guide and happy to chat to your installer on the process.


You find our prices one of the best in the market as we manufacture ourselves.

We do offer special discounts from time to time.

If your on a budget or like some arrangment to be made, please let us know as we  have worked out deals with up to 50% off.

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